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Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage

Help Your Body Heal Itself

Either a deep tissue massage to relieve muscle pain or a relaxing massage to relieve stress, both will increase circulation to heal the muscles and assist the body in eliminating toxins. Massage is essential for quick recovery after workouts and while training.

We also specialize in pregnancy massage and heated Jade Stones Massage. Jade stones will warm the body as we work into your muscles with the jade edges, helping the tense muscles to release and let go

30min - $60
45min - $75
60min - $90
90min - $125
120min - $180
Jade Stones - $10 Extra

Jade Stones will warm the area as we work into your muscles with the Jade edges, helping tense muscles to relax and let go. 

All our therapists have 2200 hours of training and good standing in an accredited association, therefore are able to issue receipts for any insurance company.


NEW! Moroccan Oil Indulgent Massage - 60 Min - $109

A more 'decadent' treatment that not only relaxes the muscles but hydrates your skin. You will be rejuvenated and look absolutely luminous due to the benefical results of the Argon Oil

Body Talk
Helps the body unlearn the habits, beliefs, and bio-chemical pathways, and postural patterns that you know. The body then teaches you what you need to heal, physically and emotionally. 
Analysis of your body and subconscious conditions $20
Energy cleaning  $50
Treatment for tired, computer eyes $40
Depression or stress (1-2 sessions) $120
Mind blocks (one per session)  $100
Correction of emotions, feelings of grief, guilt, elimination of phobias and panic attacks $120
Blockages limiting personal success development (1-2 sessions) $120
Talismans for love, money and good luck  $50
Balancing body energy  $30
Chakra work (each chakra) $50
  All sessions are between 30 & 60 min

Muscle Mist and Bell Health products available for sale

Gel Nails gel nails
French (New Set) - $75
Natural (New Set) - $65
Fills (French) - $45
Fill (Natural) - $40
Shellac Manicure

- $40

  (We use only Queen wax for sensitive skin)
Full face -30min - $58
Eyebrow -15min - $20
Lip -15min - $18
Chin -15min - $20
Underarm -15min - $25
Half arm -20min - $35
Full Arm-30min - $45
Chest or back -30min - $55
Stomach -15min - $25
Lower leg -30min - $35
Upper leg with bikini -45min - $50
Full leg and bikini  -50min - $85
Bikini line -20min - $30
Brazilian -30min - $65
Add ons 
Aromatherapy/Essential Oils 
Express Manicure -25min -$25
Hot Stones (Facial or pedicure)

Oncology Services 

What is Oncology Esthetics?

Skin changes are very common in people going under cancer treatment, the skin experiences sensitivity to the touch, dehydration, rashes etc.

COE (Certifícate Oncology are trained to be knowable in aiding any clients understanding there needs physical and emotional as well. Customized services and to excellent sanitation protocols.

Oncology Facial -70min
A pure skin care solution for anyone with sensitive skin or undergoing cancer or medical treatments.  The Oncology Esthetics has named Dr. Spiller Organic line ALPENRAUSCH clean, safe and beneficial for anyone with special skin care needs
Tinting tint
Lash Tint - $25
Brow Tint - $15
Lash Extensions

We use only high quality silk lashes, choice from various lengths and 2 different styles

Full Set 90min - $150
Fill 1 Hour - $80
Removal 30min - $30
Glitter Lashes – 2 - $1

Breathe Spa Facials

Anti-Aging Facial 75min - $125
The ultimate rejuvenating facial using massage tools to firm and stimulate micro- circulation, assuring a deep penetration of serums into the skin.
Advanced Custom Facial 60min - $105
Your aesthetician will analyze your skin creating the perfect advanced custom facial for your skin type.  Hydrating, soothing and purifying.
Teen Facial 30min - $70
Deep cleansing pores, steam, exfoliation, extractions, mask & hydration designed especially to balance teen skin.
Crystal free Microdermabrasion 30min - $99
The ultimate rejuvenating facial using massage tools to firm and stimulate micro-circulation, assuring a deep penetration of serums into the skin.
         Package of 3 treatments -$250
Derma Peel with pharmaceutical grade -30min - $105

Highly effective & revitalizing dull, rough skin, reducing irregularities, brown pigmentation, age spots, diminishing fine lines & mild acne scars.(Choice of Glycolic, Salicylic, Mandeliclear, Jessner, Alpha/Beta or Lactic acid)

Derma planing  45 min - $99
The treatment is performed using an individual surgical blade to gently exfolicate dead skin cells & removes the “peach fuzz” which can trap excess dirt & oil.  Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines,  absorbs products more readily, improves hydration, stimulates circulation, & can be used in combination with chemical peels, microcurrent & facial treatments.
Derma Needling  45 min - $300
Involves pricking the skin multiple times with a needled device to promote collogen growth.  Helps to smooth out wrinkles and acne scars.
Advanced pedicure  60 min - $70
Reflexology /Pressure point & Customized need for individuals (corn removal, ingrown toenails, diabetics)

Corporate Discounts

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At Breathe Spa sterilization is a priority.
Non-medical procedures such as manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing deal with body parts that can be nicked; therefore infections can happen. Unsterilized instruments can leave a spa-goer vulnerable to hepatitus and HIV. At Breathe, we follow the Alberta Health Guidelines for Personal Services and Electrolysis, only offering disposable needles, lancets and sterilized implements.
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