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Cheryl Hyckie - Registered Massage Therapist (2200 hour program).
My name is Cheryl Hyckie and I have been a massage therapist for over 24 years. My education commenced at Mount Royal College. Subsequently I have taken numerous related courses that have assisted me in improving my knowledge of the health and well being of the human body. I have studied nutrition, remedial exercise, herbology and stretching for an overall holistic approach to optimal health. Other courses include acupressure, reiki, jin-shin-do and cranio-sacral massage, which has given me a better understanding of other forms of healing. My most recent training is in Hot Jade Stone Massage, which promotes relaxation and vitality while releasing toxins and decreasing inflammation resulting in a total detoxification for the body. While on a six month journey through Thailand, Malaysia and Australia, I was able to obtain some additional training in Thai Massage which I have incorporated into my therapy. Through the years I have worked with many professional athletes such as hockey players Steve Yzerman and Martin Lapointe from the Detroit Red Wings. Therapeutic, deep tissue, pregnancy and relaxation massage are my areas of expertise. I enjoy interacting with people and pride myself in listening carefully to the requirements of my clients. My ultimate goal is to deliver results.


Viviana Johnson - Registered Advanced Esthetician.
My training is with International Society of Oncology Estheticians and now have 30+ years of experience.

I have worked in a variety of salon & spa settings, both nationally & internationally. I am active in my field & continually broadening my education on the newest advancements within the esthetics community.

Having completed the 'Oncology Esthetics' training in Vancouver, I have fulfilled a career long goal of offering my services to a wide variety of clients. This certification not only allows me to assist both cancer & non cancer patients alike, but it also permits me to extend my services to individuals with compromised skin conditions resulting from prescription medication, radiation, & chemotherapy etc. I love to connect with my clients on a personal level, & to assist them to acheive a lasting spiritual connection within themselves. I believe that mental stress along with what we expose our bodies to; both externally & internally play a significant role in both our skin condition & body function. Services such as facial therapy, which improve outward appearance & mental wellbeing, assist in the rejuvenation of the body's cells through a complete state of relaxation. I have completed the advanced makeup & esthetics course at Levinnia Manfredini Italian Institute in Chile, as well as the Armour & Broadfoot School of Esthetics & Massage on Vancouver Island. In addition I have completed numerous continuing education courses such as Reflexology Level 1, Facial Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, & Advanced Foot Care. Recently, I have completed Dermaplane Pro & Oncology Esthetics & am one of the original pioneers in this field in Calgary.


Tamiko Lagerwaard - Doctor of Osteopathy (in progress).
I have over 20 years of therapeutic & clinical experience & am currently practicing at Breathe as I complete my Doctor of Osteopathy. I graduated from the University of Calgary in 1995, specializing in Neuropsychology & have completed my diploma of Osteopathy at the National Academy of Ostepathy. I have also received training at the Calgary of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Accupuncture. In 2000 I transitioned to Craniosacral Therapy training with the Upledger Institute in West Palm Beach Fl, externing in the UI Clinic with Dr. Upledger (Osteopath & founder of Cranialsacral Therapy). Notably, I have worked as a therapist with the city's homeless population helping address a variety of issues including trauma, abuse, & PTSD. My areas of speciality include concussion, PTSD, and physical & emotions conditions recovery.


Tatyana Bliss
I have always been curious about anything connected to nature, life, and an innate wisdom of our body's human characters and genes. For this reason I furthered my studies in science at a more advanced level.

My goal was to make everyone feel beautiful and content and in order to achieve this I completed a Masters degree of Biology. I feel that I was a gifted with the power of true intuition and healing. I studied numerous methods and have come to the conclusion that alternative medicine does succeed.

I started to use the Body Talk system which included physical, biological and mental aspects. Along with my knowledge and assistance, individual results were achieved in this harmony which allowed my client to release stress and find a way to fully experience life.

I am offering an invitation to return to your innate wholeness and rest in the heart of being. My private sessions support awakening to true nature and integrating all aspects of self into a state of embodied wholeness. So, who am I? Coach, medium, intuitive reader, spiritual healer? Maybe… I prefer to say I am an excellent adviser.

I offer advice according to what you require, what your soul needs and what your subconscious tells me. It also depends on what life improvements you are looking to achieve. I am able to “search ” deep enough to conclude “why” you have difficulties and then provide you with effective advice with my healing energy and innate wisdom. As well, I am able to offer you the protection from people who are not “friendly”, or have an negative impact.

Remember, you are an important part of the Universe, you and only you, are in charge of your life! You are worth the time!
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