Customized Massage Therapy

Massage is essential to maintain optimal health, balance muscles and rejuvenate your body.
We specialize in deep tissue/therapeutic and relaxation massage.

Deep tissue massage will promote quick recovery from an accident or an intense workout.
Relaxation massage relieves stress and tension in the body.

All massage will increase circulation to heal the muscles and assist the body in eliminating toxins.

Prices are for registered massage therapists,           ask about student therapist prices.

Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage

30 min $75
45 min $90
60 min $105
90 min $150

Prices do not include GST and are per treatment

We also specialize in pre/post natal massage and heated jade stone massage.

Jade stones will warm the body as we work into your muscles with the jade edges, helping the tense muscles to release and let go.

Prenatal massage is important to help with Blood Pressure Control, Muscular discomfort, Hormonal balancing, Edema and Relaxation.
These properly applied techniques will help a Mom to both enjoy her pregnancy & have a quicker recovery.

Postnatal massage will help the new mom to recover more quickly by encouraging structural realignment & reducing postpartum stress.

Pre/Post Natal Massage

60 min $105
90 min $150

Jade Stone Massage

60 min $105
90 min $150

Important Appointment Info – Please read

Benefits of Myofascial Release

Do you know what is in common between poor circulation, chronic muscle pain, muscle cramps, numbness, tingling, headaches, and reduced range of motion? All of these conditions and many others can be caused by a tight restricted fascia.

Fascia is a continuous layer of strong flexible tissue connecting all our muscles and most other organs. Under the skin fascia envelops our body like a stocking, varying in thickness from few millimeters to several centimetres. It shapes soft tissues, helps to retain heat, acts as a shock absorber, fights infection and has many other functions. Fascia also transmits tension between adjacent muscles and even between muscles in different parts of your body.

Sometimes because of our sedentary lifestyle, lack of stretching and the deficit of water in our tissues, fascia can shorten, becoming tight, and pull our muscles and joints out of balance, pinching nerves and restricting circulation. This could lead to a variety of painful and irritating health conditions.

Fortunately we at Breathe Spa are here to help you. We incorporate myofascial (muscular-fascial) release into our treatments and make you feel better.

Among other benefits, myofascial release will help to: 

  1. Relieve chronic muscle pain
  2. Decrease incidents of muscle cramps
  3. Relieve some forms of headaches
  4. Relieve numbness and tingling
  5. Improve circulation
  6. Increase the range of motion
  7. Reduce the feeling of tightness and congestion.

Come to Breathe Spa and check it out for yourself. 


Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Lymph is a clear whitish liquid, which flows through our bodies, supporting the immune system, maintaining protein circulation and removing metabolic waste. Like blood through the blood vessels, lymph flows through the lymph vessels, passing through lymph nodes, which act like filters. The lymphatic system acts as the sanitation department of our body. Unlike blood, which flows in a circuit and has a heart pump to keep it moving, lymph flows in one direction and needs external forces to push it forward. These outside forces are contractions of adjacent muscles, pulsations of large arteries, and breathing. Although nature provided these mechanisms for the flow of lymph, they are often insufficient, especially when we have a swelling somewhere in our body caused by injury, surgery, or infection.  And here is where your massage therapist comes in.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a calming and gentle rhythmic massage, which makes your lymphatic system work more efficiently. Among other benefits, lymphatic drainage will help to: 

  1. clear congestive conditions, such as sinusitis or bronchitis
  2. decrease stress and prevent insomnia
  3. relieve some forms of headaches
  4. decrease the swelling from injury or surgery
  5. speed up the recovery time post-surgery
  6. relieve fluid retention during pregnancy
  7. reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of your skin.

Come to Breathe Spa and check it out for yourself. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage to release sinus congestion.


We sell Muscle Mist Pain Relief spray!

Muscle Mist Pain Relief is a herbal spray made up of Menthol, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor, PeppermintOil & Jojoba Oil.

The Many Uses are:

  • Muscle Pain
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sinus congestion
  • Asthma
  • Headaches … and much more!!
Muscle mist

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