Alerson Bellaire

Alerson BellaireAlerson Bellaire

My name is Alerson Bellaire and I am native to Calgary. I earned my certification through Makami College in 2016 and completed the 3000 hour program there, finishing with high standings in my class.

In my professional journey I am always striving to learn new techniques to better serve my clients and elevate their massage experience.

I hold a proficiency in several massage modalities including Silicone Cupping therapy, hot stones, prenatal and postnatal massage care, Lymphatic Drainage therapy, Deep Tissue therapeutic and Relaxation styles. I also have experience treating clients through Chair massage.

I have knowledge of and utilize trigger point release, pin and stretch and/or active release techniques, myofascial release, and regularly incorporate stretching within my treatments as well as encourage my clients to fit stretching into their daily routines.

My passion and guiding principle is to help improve my clients’ lives through maximizing wellness with attention to detail and a respectful minded approach structured to each individuals’ needs.


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