Viviana Johnson

Registered Advanced Esthetician

My training is with International Society of Oncology Estheticians and now have 30+ years of experience.

I have worked in a variety of salon & spa settings, both nationally & internationally. I am active in my field & continually broadening my education on the newest advancements within the esthetics community.

Having completed the ‘Advanced & Oncology Esthetics‘ training in Vancouver, I have fulfilled a career long goal of offering my services to a wide variety of clients.

This certification not only allows me to assist both cancer & noncancer patients alike, but it also permits me to extend my services to individuals with compromised skin conditions resulting from prescription medication, radiation, & chemotherapy etc. I love to connect with my clients on a personal level, & to assist them to achieve a lasting spiritual connection within themselves. I believe that mental stress along with what we expose our bodies to; both externally & internally play a significant role in both our skin condition & body function.

Services such as facial therapy, which improve outward appearance & mental wellbeing, assist in the rejuvenation of the body’s cells through a complete state of relaxation. I have completed the advanced makeup & esthetics course at Levinnia Manfredini Italian Institute in Chile, as well as the Armour & Broadfoot School of Esthetics & Massage on Vancouver Island.

In addition I have completed numerous continuing education courses such as Reflexology Level 1, Facial Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, & Advanced Foot Care. Recently, I have completed Dermaplane Pro & Oncology Esthetics & I am one of the original pioneers in this field in Calgary.

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